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Investment Services

We share our fund management expertise with our clients in a close partnership.

We provide our insights and tools according to each client’s specific needs. We can support our clients’ in-house specialists or serve as an outsourced fixed income team. Thanks to this tailor-made approach, we help independent asset managers, banks and other financial institutions meet the requirements of their end-clients and regulators.

Which positions should I keep in this new portfolio?

Our services

1. Strategic & tactical asset allocation

Definition of strategic and tactical allocation parameters. Implementation of risk measures and assessment of the main risk factors

2. Portfolio restructuring

Buy & sell suggestions to optimise the portfolio’s risk / return profile according to the client’s specific goals and constraints

3. Bond lists

List of attractive bonds given their yield and fundamentals across ten segments and four currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, and GBP. Tailor-made lists according to the client’s specific criteria

4. Credit risk monitoring

Monitoring of the credit risk at the portfolio and firm levels

5. Attendance at investment meetings

Attendance at the investment committee and other meetings to provide our macroeconomic and bond views (interest rates, credit, currency and volatility)

6. Currency management

Management of currency exposures according to strict parameters derived from each portfolio’s specificities

Our main interactions

Relationships and personalised investment solutions are at the heart of our approach.

Company executives

Information sharing with respect to internal procedures and investment vehicles, help with corporate strategy and regulatory requirements


Participation in strategy meetings, input on macroeconomic developments and fixed income management (interest rate, credit, currency and volatility exposures)

Client relationship managers

Involvement in client visits, global and tailor-made bond lists, inputs regarding fixed income markets and management

Internal investors & advisors

Knowledge sharing, portfolio analysis, reply to client requests

Risk manager

Computation of risk measures, monitoring of the entity’s credit exposures

Decision support

We provide our decision support tools to our clients.

As part of our services, we regularly send our decision support tools to our clients. These include cockpits for monitoring financial and macroeconomic developments, as well as quantitative signals for valuation, momentum, carry and positioning in the main markets and currencies. We also share our credit analysis and our asset allocation views.